JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS


JAMK has a Library on each campus. The Library collections complete each other and take into consideration JAMK’s curricula for degree programmes. The best way to find the material you are looking for, e.g. a text book or electronic material, is by using Janet database.

You can activate your JAMKO student card or your Jyväskylä City Library (Keski Kirjasto) card or your Jyväskylä University Library card to work as your JAMK Library card. Borrowing and returning books should mainly be done at the Library’s self-service stations. You can renew loans and reserve material by logging in to Janet with your JAMK ID or library card. If the book you need is on loan, you can reserve it to be picked up at the JAMK Library location of your choice. Always check due dates in your checked out items receipt or your Janet account and remember to return all checked out items on time. That way you are fair to your fellow students.

JAMK library offers guidance in information seeking and also other services that help advance your studies. “Learn to find” is useful for freshmen.

The libraries has also self-service hours . Check out the Library’s opening and customer service hours.