JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS


Tutoring is for your support


Every student is constantly facing various different challenges. To help you cope with these challenges, JAMKO has created a tutoring system, where older students help and guide new students to get into the student life as smoothly as possible. Tutors understand what new students are going through in their lives and emotions and will be able to help with issues related to leisure time and school. A little chat with your tutor will help you to forget the worries of daily life. Tutors have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, problem solving skills and the readiness to work with different people in different situations. Tutors are also an important link between new students and JAMK UAS. New student is given a tutor at the very beginning of their studies. If this has not been the case with you, please urgently contact JAMKO.

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Who are tutors?

The different sectors of tutoring are peer tutoring (Finnish degree tutoring), exchange tutoring and degree tutoring. Multiform tutoring takes care of students who are studying in different schedule and mostly via internet.

Exchange Student Tutoring

Exchange Student Tutors guide and support international exchange students, so that they can adjust to new study environment and culture. Exchange Student Tutoring is a great opportunity to improve language skills, network with international people and gain so called home internationalisation. The main responsibilities of international tutors are related to the exchange students’ arrival in Finland; help with housing, meet the arrival in Jyväskylä, help around the city etc. You as a new student should also have a tutor signed for you closer to your arrival in Finland. If this is not the case please contact kvtutor@jamko.fi. More info on exchange tutoring.

Degree Student Tutoring

Degree Student Tutors help new degree students to start their studies, getting use to study environment and organize leisure time activities. Tutors are important link between new students and JAMK. Degree Student Tutoring is splendid way to network, get new friends and experiences and obtain useful skills that can be utilized in real life. More on degree tutoring.


Mentors offer peer support and guidance for 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students, focusing on the studies and well-being of the students. Mentors also act as tutors for tutors, helping them by giving advice and support based on their own experience. Having finished one of the tutoring study modules is a prerequisite for being a mentor.
More information: monimuoto@jamko.fi


Behind the scenes

The board member responsible for International and Degree Student Tutoring and JAMKO’s Tutor and sports secretary develop and create operative models, recruits and trains new tutors and makes sure that all new degree students and exchange students have a tutor. These responsibilities involve e.g. trainings, tutor camps, social gatherings and organizing events such as Tursajaiset. The board member responsible for tutoring works in cooperation with Study Field Associations and staff members of JAMK.

Tursajaiset – the freshmen party of the year

JAMKO and the tutors are the organizers of the biggest event of the year: Tursajaiset, the freshmen party. It is an event designed for every single new student and it gather together around one thousand JAMK students. At the day of Tursajaiset the new students are led by tutors through various checkpoints in the city. At sundown the event hits its climax as the biggest club party of the year starts! This year Tursajaiset is organized on 13th of September, so save the date!

Want to become a tutor?

JAMKO recruits tutors once a year in January. Tutors are selected based on application and interviews. To ensure the professionalism on tutors, JAMKO organises trainings which include lectures and one weekend camp. Tutor trainings are designed to develop tutors skills to a master level. Working as a tutor, the student gains valuable skills: leadership, problem solving, empathy, organisation and the ability to operate with different people in different circumstances. Through tutoring you will also experience fun moments and make good friends. Be awake and follow the bulletin about the next tutor recruitment or contact ohjaus(a)jamko.fi. Read more of becoming a tutor. 

Peer tutoring: tutor@jamko.fi
Exchange and degree tutoring: kv@jamko.fi
Multiform tutoring: monimuoto@jamko.fi
Advisor, guidance and well-being: ohjaus@jamko.fi