JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Trusteeship works for students


JAMKO Trusteeship is the whole foundation and the very reason for the organisation to exist.

The board of JAMKO consists of skilled trustees. As part of the trustee work everyone should give feedback, vote in the elections and take an active role in the student union.

Trusteeship work

  • Operating in work groups
  • Organising the student election
  • Student surveys (i.e JAMKO Grumble Week)
  • Announcements, statements, dictums and press releases
  • Campaigns, protests, rags & stands
  • Influencing municipal policies
  • Stakeholder relations

Quality of Education

Educational policy takes care of issues related to school and education. JAMKOs trustees are closely connected with JAMKs working groups developing quality and guidance and assuring their implementation. If a student has an issue related to studies, he can turn to JAMKOs board member responsible of education policy issues or to his own study field student association’s board.

Student Well-being

Social policy takes care of the overall well-being of the students. This is done via student health care, study social benefits and housing. JAMKOs board member responsible of social policy is here to help students in these matters, and answer questions about equality, discrimination, accessibility and other services supporting studying.

International issues

JAMKO Trusteeship takes care of the international students’ issues by participating in the various international working groups of JAMK. JAMKO Trusteeship also considers the international students in the communications and services of JAMKO and reacts when required to internationalisation of JAMK.

How can I make a difference?

Student’s themselves have an important role in JAMKO’s trusteeship. Giving feedback and reporting the flaws of one’s own study field gives every student a chance to make things better for everyone. Voting at the council of representatives elections, being a representative and participating in working groups give an individual the chance to have an influence, and to accumulate valuable experience. You’ll learn more from trusteeship issues for example from Trusteeship team, Trusteeship Newsletter Ajankohtainen JAMKOnen and JAMKO’s website. Read more how to make a difference.


Know your rights and don’t be afraid to email us!

Trusteeship in general: edunvalvonta@jamko.fi
Educational Policy: kopo@jamko.fi
Social Policy: sopo@jamko.fi