JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

People behind student union

The main purpose of the student union is to supervise that the interests of the students of JAMK are taken care of. In addition the student union takes care of the well-being and atmosphere of the students by organizing different events and services. The work is done with the students for the students by the students.

The Representatives

The highest authority in JAMKO is the representatives consisting of 21 members. It is elected annually in November via election where every JAMKO member can vote and nominate themselves in the election.

The representatives are responsible of all the major direction changes and decisions in JAMKO, for example the membership fees. In addition, it elects the board and supervises the work of the board. The representatives operate under the guidance of the chairperson of the representatives. The working language is Finnish.

The work of the representatives is important as it deals with matters related to every single student in JAMK. The representatives must serve the students to their best abilities at all times. Read more about the representatives’ work.


Chairperson of the representatives

The Board

The operational work and practical decisions of the student union are done by the JAMKO board. The board runs the trusteeship work and takes care of the services and events of JAMKO. The board consists of the chairperson, vice chairperson and 4-11 board members. All the board members are JAMK students and work on volunteer basis even though the work is full-time work. Contact: Chairperson of the board, e-mail: puheenjohtaja@jamko.fi.

Boards’ areas of responsibility

JAMKO monitors students’ interests which include wellbeing and quality of education in JAMK UAS and in the society. Students are presented by JAMKO in different work groups that deal with student’s wellbeing and education at JAMK and Jyväskylä. Trusteeship addresses education related affairs and covers also student welfare e.g. health, equality, economical security and housing related issues. JAMKO guides students in problems related to these matters. Important part of the trusteeship is students’ feedback.

Tutor sector is responsible for tutoring and the board members lead the tutors. Every new student will be assigned with a tutor to help him with the challenges of studies. Tutoring is organised differently for Finnish, international and exchange students and for the students that are advanced in their studies.

  • Tutors and Teams
    Tutors and Teams are there to support the work of JAMKO board. These positions are the most common way to start a career in the student union or gather experience for the working life. Tutors as well as team members are elected yearly through special recruitments. Contact JAMKO if you are interested in being a tutor or part of any of the teams and enjoy the vast possibilities.

Staff members

Working alongside the JAMKO board are the hired employees. These are the executive director, student secretary, tutor and sports secretary and communications and trusteeship secretary. In addition JAMKO has 1-3 students doing practical training. You can find us on the Main campus at Rajakatu in the room FP23.

Järvistö Hannu_toiminnanjohtaja

Executive Director | Hannu Järvistö

The executive director is responsible for the day to day business and financial issues of JAMKO. The executive director is also responsible for developmental tasks and she acts as the foreman of the other employees.

Executive Director: toiminnanjohtaja@jamko.fi | tel. 044 321 1600

Paula Sulkunen

Advisor, member and cashier services | Paula Sulkunen

The member and cashier service advisor’s main duties include JAMKO membership registration and guidance, and issuing student cards.  She  maintains JAMKO’s membership register and oversees the thesis binding process at JAMKO’s office. She sells tickets to JAMKO’s events and coordinates the international students’ Survival kit-service. She also deals with the general administration and financial administration of JAMKO’s office together with the executive director.

Contact: jasenpalvelu@jamko.fi | tel. 050 336 1385

Advisor, guidance and well-being | Eeva Vissel

Guidance and well-being advisor’s job is to coordinate tutor and guidance activities of JAMKO and participate in developing the guidance system in the whole school. Guidance and well-being advisor is responsible for JAMK’s peer tutoring, Degree Tutoring and International Student Tutoring –courses and their content.

Contact: ohjaus@jamko.fi | tel. 050 516 6916

Anna Tarvainen-Illi

Advisor, communication and trusteeship | Anna Tarvainen-Illi

Communication and trusteeship advisor is responsible for the marketing and communications of JAMKO. Developing, planning and strategic marketing as well as bulleting and marketing through JAMKO network are her responsibilities. In addition she participates in JAMKO’s trusteeship work and acts as a harrasment contact person.

Contact: viestinta@jamko.fi | tel. 045 207 8110