JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Student card at your aid

Student card makes you a real student!

Student life may require creative budgeting and bargain hunting. One way to save money and survive is the official student card, which you can get by joining JAMKO. The membership of JAMKO has also more advantages than just the discounts.

Why should I get a student card?tsemppiä

  • Student card gets you dozens of discounts nationally. For example long distance trains (VR) and Matkahuolto (long distance busses) fairs have significant discounts with a student card.
  • There are also dozens of local discounts which you can find on JAMKO’s website
  • JAMKOs sport courses, events and tournaments have member prices.
  • Student card can be made to work as a JAMK library card.
  • You will get a membership gift when you pick up your student card from JAMKO.
  • As a member of JAMKO you are a part of a family called the student union. You can participate in the events, vote in the elections or stand as a candidate in the elections for representatives or the board. The voice of 4000 students will be heard!
  • JAMKO is the trustee of the students; problem cases are solved most efficiently through the student union.
  • When joining JAMKO you can also join your study field student association for free. So with one membership you will receive double the impact and the chance to participate in student activities in your own study field. Study field student associations are, as the name says, the trustees of specific study fields.
  • From Spring 2017, JAMKO’s members have had the chance to broaden their physical student card’s benefits with a digital app, that grants more benefits online. The service requires a Finnish id number.

Step-by-step on how to order a student card:

  1. New students can sign up as JAMKO’s members and order a student card after they have enrolled for attendance and when they have got their credentials for JAMK network. This happens during orientation week at the latest. Check here for details.
  2. Sign in to ASIO – student portal. Check the box that says that you give permission to give your details to the student union. The information will only be used to confirm that you are an attending student in JAMK UAS.
  3. Once you have done the steps above, you will be able to sign up as a member of JAMKO at www.jamko.fi.
  4. In the sign-up form, a digital facial picture will be required.
  5. The easiest way is to pay the card and the membership at JAMKO’s member service points around campuses. The payment can also be made via your internet bank. With any difficulties, please contact JAMKO’s advisor: jasenpalvelu@jamko.fi / 0503361385.
  6. It can take up to three weeks for the card to be issued and you will receive an email when it is ready for a pick up at one of the JAMKO member service points.
  7. During autumn JAMKO brings it’s services to all campuses. JAMKO’s office is open during normal office hours and member service points will be open at Dynamo, Music and Tarvaala campuses. More detailed opening hours of the member service points will be published on JAMKO’s website.

More detailed information on becoming a member and the membership here.


The student card is valid either for a semester or full academic year depending on your choice. A member sticker is used to mark the validity. The membership must be renewed every semester or once in the academic year depending on your membership type.

  • The autumn semester membership is valid at the end of next years January
  • Full academic year membership is valid at the end of next years September

Membership Payments

  • Full academic year 35€ + 5€*
  • Semester (autumn or spring) 22€ + 5 €*

*Note! When you order a new student card, a 5€ handling fee is added to cover the material and work costs when you order a card for the first time. You will not have to order a new card every semester or academic year when you renew your membership, unless it is lost.

The digital student card

Student union JAMKO’s members  can broaden the possibilities of their physical membership card with Frank digital student card app. By doing so, Students get the nationwide and local discounts, JAMKO’s student benefits, Frank’s Discounts and benefits online and instore. With the application you find the hundreds of benefits near you, wherever you are traveling in Finland just by showing your digital student card.

In order to get the digital student card, a student must be a member of Student Union JAMKO and be attending in the current semester at JAMK UAS. The free Frank App is available for Android phones from the Google Play store and IOS phones from the App Store. Frank App also works in English and Swedish.

NOTE! Digital student card is not a single service you can obtain. At the moment it is an addition to the JAMKO membership and membership card. JAMKO’s members cannot get only the Frank-digital card, nor Frank payment- or ISIC-multifunction card. In order to get the digital student card to work, you have to have a Finnish personal identity code and it has to be added to the JAMK system.

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