JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Student union JAMKO

Operating for the student’s cause in the universities of applied sciences are the student unions. In JAMK we have JAMKO. The position of the student union is based on the Finnish law. As a member of the student union you have an easy access to your student community and you receive the almighty student card. It is the only way to obtain student benefits!

JAMKO Trusteeship is the driving force of student rights in school and society. The student union is constantly working with issues related to education and social policy with an aim towards a better education system and student well-being. Alongside trusteeship functions tutoring, a system that brings an important support network for students. More information on JAMKO trusteeship. JAMKO offers also various leisure activities. For the benefit of the students different kinds of sport services, culture and entertainment events, international activities and trips, and of course the excellent JAMKO Café and office services are organised. More information on our services

Jarkko Pupu ja opiskelijat

Only by joining JAMKO you will get the official student card by which you are entitled to numerous student benefits.

Did you know? 

  • JAMKO has over 4000 members.
  • The position of the student unions has been written in the Finnish law since 2005.
  • The highest authority in the student union is the representatives, who are students elected by students annually. The day to day work is done by the JAMKO board elected by the representatives. Supporting the work JAMKO has hired staff.
  • JAMKO has a mascot bunny called Jarkko. Where ever the action is, Jarkko is also there!

Hop aboard and experience student life to the max!