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Internationalisation during studies

University of applied sciences community and future work environment are becoming more and more multicultural. Any experiences from multicultural communities will help to understand people from different backgrounds and encourage using foreign languages as well as coach to work in international work environment.

International experience can be achieved via exchange programs or international practical training, volunteering and by working as an international or degree tutor.

International Exchange Program

Would you like to study part of your degree abroad and get new experiences? Going abroad as an exchange student is one of the favorite ways to get international experience and the options are vast enough to cover all and every taste. Student exchange programs principle is that courses studied abroad can be credited fully as part of your degree so that the time you spend abroad will not prolong your general study time. You can get information about exchange programs and foreign schools from JAMK International Services, International Coordinators of your unit and from the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO.

International practical training

Doing a practical training period abroad is a good option for getting new points of views for professional expertise. You can get more information on practical training opportunities from the Practical Training Coordinators of your School and from the Centre for International Mobility, CIMO. For additional information, see link below.

International Volunteer work and organizational activities

International experience can be acquired also outside studies. One option for this is international volunteer work, which is offered both in and outside of Finland. Options vary from childcare to participating in the friend service of immigrants. Student life provides also opportunities to gain new friends, experiences and have the time of your life via organizational activities and trusteeship work. For example JAMKO’s International Club seeks team members annually to provide internationally oriented events, trips and services for all nationalities. All students can apply as tutors that help the freshmen with their first steps in student life. Both IC work and degree and international tutoring is done in English, so the participation is easy. Also AIESEC is an active organisation that has a chapter in Jyväskylä.

International tutoring

Exchange and degree tutors guide and support students during the first steps of their time in strange land and city and help adapting to new study environment and -culture.  International tutoring gives the possibility to brush up language and networking skills and develop skills valued in working life: leadership skills, problem solving, confidence to appear in public and the ability to deal with different people under varying circumstances. Read more about tutoring.

International Services

International Services serves students, staff and partners in cooperation concerning international affairs, cooperation and mobility.

Fax: +358 14 449 9694

When you get your student credentials see more specific information about international services here.

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