JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

At the beginning of studies

At the initial stages of your studies you might be overwhelmed by the huge amount of information you receive. In this guide you will find answers to many of the questions you might have. It is also important to remember that you do not have to try and solve all the difficulties alone. So, turn to your student tutors, teacher tutors, student services and student union JAMKO with your questions without hesitation.

Absence in the first year of studying

Students can only sign up as absent for the following reasons: compulsory military service,  non-military service, voluntarily military service for women. In addition to those the other valid reasons for signing up as absent are: maternity-, paternity- or parenting leave or  personal sickness or injury that makes the student unable to begin the studies on time. In the future the absence will not be counted in the overall study time if caused by the reasons described. Absences caused by other than the legal reasons which are not counted in the overall study time are reduced from two academic years to one academic year. The regulations that affect the first year of studying took effect on 1.8.2015. The regulations are applied to students beginning their studies in the fall 2015 and after.

Social security number

Every international exchange or degree student must get Finnish social security number if the residence in Finland lasts more than 3 moths. Finnish Local Register Office (Maistraatti) or Police Station are capable to admit the social security number or students outside of the EU can apply for it from The Finnish Immigration Service while applying for residence permit. The change is due to universities’ responsibility to save also international students’ information to student records and to VIRTA-higher education achievement register. From Finnish Local Register Office (Maistraatti) it is advisable to apply for the social security number if the residence in Finland lasts at least 6 months and proof of residence in Finland is necessary for the student. Otherwise the social security number applied from Police Station is adequate. Further information: kvtutor@jamko.fi

Orientation week

In the first weeks of your studies, the student tutors will familiarise you with the school premises, customs, information systems and all that relevant stuff related to JAMK. The first weeks are also about bonding with your fellow students and about creating community spirit. The tutors are here for you, so feel free to approach them with anything that comes to mind. The tutors are signed to the new students during spring, but if you cant reach your own tutor, please contact kvtutor@jamko.fi

Studying and academic integrity

Studying at relaxed atmosphere surrounded by good teachers and fellow students is nice. To spice things up student union JAMKO organises various events and sports activities. JAMKO is here for you also in case you have issues or conflict situations in JAMK. First step to repair the situations is to contact your tutors or JAMKO directly.

If you struggle accommodating to a Finnish way of studying and the academic expectations, the Student´s ethical guide is here to help. The guide was made by students for students to clarify JAMK´s academic standards and it familiarizes new students to a Finnish academic institute. The guide goes through Finnish culture and four categories of challenge areas to academic integrity: cheating, plagiarism and academic writing, classroom and campus behaviors and group-work conflicts. Read the guide.

Personal Study Plan

Your personal study plan (PSP) planning starts at the beginning of your first semester. Help for the planning comes from student and teacher tutors, study councils, international coordinators and student services. The plan is electronic and you can modify it later. Do not be worried if the PSP feels a bit difficult in the beginning, it will get easier with time.

Study Guide

The Study Guide is the main source of information during your studies. It includes necessary information concerning:

  • Academic Calendar (enrollment periods, contact free weeks)
  • Curricula and courses offered
  • Student’s rights and responsibilities (Degree Regulations)
  • Student Health Services

You can find the whole Study Guide here.

Practical information for international students