On-course assignment

Resilience, positive capacity building and sexual health promotion in nursing

–  Couples, families and communities 3 ects

INTENSIVE COURSE for Nordman Network partner schools

 Reflective workshops during intensive course

During the course the students attend each day to reflective workshops. In the reflective workshops the students work in multicultural groups of 5-6 students. Each group will have one or two mentoring teachers that help them to reflect and to work towards the aim of the course. The groups will be formed by teachers in advance.

The aims for the reflective workshops are to discuss about the topics and experiences during the course, to include the preassignment to the course contents and to help the students to understand the sexual health promotion as a phenomenon in nursing. Each group of students will write a blog everyday on the course´s platform in reflective workshops and make a poster presentation as their course assignment during the course. The essence of the assignment is sexual health promotion and the field of nursing, how to utilize, include and develop as a nurse in this area. What competence is needed when working as a nurse in this field?

The blogs and the poster will be evaluated during the course by peers and the attending teachers. Poster

How to get started with the blog?

After you have established the blog for your group, please let the teachers know the web address to it, then we are able to link it to this platform.

Get started with WordPress blogger:


Get started with Blogger (a little simplier than WordPress)



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