Permission to film

AOKK’s template for requesting permissions: Request for video recording


General instructions below on how to inform your students about the purposes of lecture recording and how to ask the students for permission.

You need to inform the students about

  • Why you are filming 
  • Who will watching the video 
  • How long will video be stored

Request permission to record video

  • Request permission in a way that can be documented (email, paper or video). 
  • You can use AOKK’s permission template. Copy the text from the template and e-mail it to your students. The template includes a cover letter and the request itself. 


  • Review the organization’s policies about filming. Find out in advance whether or not you may film in the educational institution/organization. Inform the educational institution/organization in advance about filming and its objective. 
  • Permissions must be requested from the parents when dealing with kids.
  • If someone does not give permission to film them, place them outside the filming are or choose a different event to film. 
  • Students participating through Zoom/Teams have a legal right to keep cameras off when they attend from home.
  • The purpose of the video must be informed in advance to the students.
  • You can also recap the purpose of the filming at the beginning of the class and ask if there still is someone who doesn’t want to appear in the video.
  • We recommend that you ask for permission in written format. But if permission is requested face to face, consent must be given actively, that is to say, silence alone is not an answer. 
  • The videos cannot be used for other purposes other than original purpose. If the video is to be used for another purpose, a new permission must be requested from anyone who appears/is included in the recording.