For the teacher: Create a maturity test

Open Firefox or Chrome browser and log into the EXAM system with your Jamk credentials.

  1. Click Create new exam in the EXAM Dashboard (frontpage).

2. Choose Maturity Test as the exam type and EXAM room as the exam mode. Select BYOD – unrestricted as the exam mode, if the student completes the maturity test on his/her own computer at a location of his/her choice, i.e.:

  • it is a Master’s degree maturity test or
  • the student has individual support needs that cannot be implemented in the Examstudios.

Click Create new.

3. Use the Peppi implementation code or course name to search for the maturity test you are preparing the exam for. Name the exam in the format “Unit / field of study / your name / Maturity test” so that the correct language evaluator can find the correct answer to be evaluated. Choose the Exam language and make sure that you have only one language selected. Click Save.

4. Choose language evaluation: Yes (Bachelor’s degree) / No (Master’s degree). Click Save.

The language evaluation selection cannot be changed once the maturity test has been created! Note! The language examiner should not be added as an examiner to the maturity test. EXAM automatically sends information about the maturity test to be checked to the language evaluators.

5. In the Questions tab, enter Maturity test as the section name. The section name is mandatory information. In the section description you may write additional instructions for answering, which will be visible to the student in the exam.

Add a question to the exam either from the question bank or create a completely new question. The Question type of the maturity test is an Essay question.

  • Copy the writing instruction of the maturity test into the text editor field.
  • Response length in words (recommendation): 400
  • Grading scale: Pass – Fail
  • The fields in the Additional information section are not mandatory in the maturity test.

Click Save.

6. Fill in the Assessment settings as follows:

Grading scale: Pass / Fail

7. Publish the maturity sample.

Go to the Publish tab:

  • Set the schedule of the maturity test under Exam period:
    • Starts: the first possible test date. Ends: last possible test date.
    • Exam duration (minutes): choose 135 minutes as the exam duration for the maturity test. If the student has been granted additional time to take the exams by decision of individual support, the exam time may also be longer.
  • Add a participant: “Exam users” is selected by default: enter the student’s name in the field > Select a student > Select “Add”. Note! Check the student number that you are adding the right student to the exam.
  • If you cannot find the student by name, select the lower point “As a new student” and enter the student’s email address and select “Add”. An e-mail is sent to the student and he can take the exam at the scheduled time based on the email.
  • Preview exam before publishing. The view is basically the same as students see it in the exam.
  • Save and publish: The student(s) marked as a participant receives an email that the exam has been created and the exam time can be reserved in EXAM.
    • The exam is visible to the examiner in the “Active exams” list, where you can see the reservations and submissions for the exam.
    • EXAM sends a message to all examiners when the student has taken the maturity test.

After the maturity test is published

  • You can add new participants to the exam even after publication. A participant cannot be removed after the exam has been published.
  • If the student does not take the maturity test in the time he reserved, you will receive an e-mail notification that the student did not use the time he reserved. This unreserved time is shown on the Study attainments tab under “No-shows (1)“. The student can book a new reservation when the time of the unused reservation has expired, and if there is still time left. You can extend the exam period of the maturity test, if necessary, on the exam’s Publish tab under “Exam period“.
  • If the student doesn’t book any time at all and the exam period ends, you can extend the exam period on the EXAM’s Publish tab.