For the teacher: Create a maturity test

For creating a maturity test the first time in the EXAM-application, download two files to your own computer from Elmo-intra:

  • Instruction How to write a maturity test (pdf)
  • An empty JAMK template for a maturity test (docx)

After uploading the files log in to EXAM.

  1. On the EXAM dashboard click Create new exam. Select General exam:


2. Search the course either by a code or a name. If necessary, enter the whole course code name:


3. Define the basic information.

  • Give a descriptive name to your exam e.g. “HBIZZ310 Maturity test spring 2017 / teacher Ms Markkanen”.
  • Define the exam period, during which the exam can be taken.
  • Add an evaluator.
  • Select the duration 135 minutes for the exam. Note that the last five minutes of the exam duration is reserved for returning the exam and exiting the computer. Mention this to the student.
  • Set the grading scale, the language and other information.
  • Ignore the software-question.
  • Add a file you uploaded as an exam attachment “Instruction How to write a maturity test (pdf)”. Settings as follows:

4. Draw up the instructions visible during the exam. You may utilize the texts in Elmo-intra  > Maturity test in EXAM.

5. Add a question. First you must add a section name “Maturity test”, after that add a question (essay), utilize the texts in Elmo. Add the question attachment “Empty JAMK template for a maturity test (docx)”. Preview the exam, Save and publish:


6. After publishing, the exam is visible to the students and they can sign up now for an Examstudio exam.

Notice, that the EXAM assessment data is not automatically synchronised to Peppi, Moodle or Optima. Contact the student services.