For Jamk Student: EXAM Visit

EXAM visit means that you can take your own university’s exam in another university’s exam room. Universities that have joined the EXAM Visit may be found in EXAM-application when booking an exam time.

Student of Jamk, follow the instructions below if you wish to take your exam at some other university:

1. First, find out whether it is possible for you to take your exam at another university’s exam room. The set-up of exam computers at different universities vary, like the equipment of the exam rooms (ect. scribbling papers). The exam computers of another university may not necessarily include all the programs that you need in your exam. Find also out the location and opening hours of another university’s exam rooms, as well as the rules and regulations of another university. You may find university-related rules and regulations in the web-pages of EXAM Consortium:

2. Make an exam time reservation to another university’s exam room by signing in to EXAM-application using your Jamk user ID and password. EXAM-application’s web address:

3. After you have registered for the exam, choose Exam room reservation from external institution in the Reservation information page. A drop down menu Organization is displayed.

4. Choose the organization and then choose the exam room. All the available exam times in that room are shown.

5. Choose the time of your liking and Confirm exam time.

NOTICE! Check always before reservation to another university that you would also be able to book a time at Jamk Examstudio. It is possible to book a time at another university’s exam room also for a time when there is a service break at Jamk Examstudio.  You will not be able to take your exam at another university at times of Jamk Examstudio service break, since the exam for you to take will be fetched from Jamk EXAM application to an external university’s EXAM system.