Effects of possible power outages on electronic exams

During a power outage, it is not possible to take electronic exams in Examstudio. If the power outage lasts less than two hours, BYOD exams and EXAM visits should work normally.

Below you will find instructions on what to do if your EXAM exam is prevented or interrupted due to a previously announced or unplanned power outage. 

Jamk informs about possible power outages via Tuudo application. Download Tuudo from your phone’s app store.

Taking the EXAM exam 

  • If your exam is prevented or your exam time should be shortened due to a power outage, move the exam reservation to another time before the exam time starts. Log in to the EXAM system and make a change to the reservation on the Registrations page (pen icon). 
  • If your exam is prevented due to a power outage and you don’t have time to cancel or change the reservation, you can make a new exam reservation only after your previous exam reservation has ended. An irrevocable exam reservation does not affect the number of attempts. 
  • If your exam has been prevented due to a power outage, but you cannot book a new exam time because the exam period has ended, contact the examiner and tell them what happened. The examiner has the option to extend the exam period or take the exam as a personal exam. 
  • If your exam is interrupted due to a sudden power cut, leave the exam room calmly and contact the examiner. The EXAM system automatically returns at the end of the exam period only the exam answers written in the system and the answer files attached to it. With the examiner, it is possible to discuss the renewal of the exam or, for example, whether it is possible to take the incident into account in the evaluation of the exam performance.

Using Examstudios

  • You must leave the Examstudio at least 10 minutes before the start of the previously announced power outage to enable a safe transition. Please take this into account when taking the exam at Examstudio on a day when there is a power outage on campus. In the event of a sudden power outage, please wait for 10 minutes for the power to return. If the power outage lasts longer, you must leave the premises calmly.

Examination visit

If there is a known power outage at the destination university, the examinee’s home university will be notified immediately. The home university can contact the exam visitor via personal e-mail. 

In addition to these instructions, you can find general operating instructions on the intra page Instructions for blackouts (Elmo, requires login).