EXAM Visit at Jamk

Instructions for another university’s student

Jamk’s Examstudios BP16 and Turbiini K205 are open for visitors. The BP16 Examstudio is located at the main campus (Rajakatu 35) and is open during the main campus opening hours. Access to the studio is through A1 or D1 door of the main campus on Rajakatu 35. The Turbiini K205 Examstudio is located at the Lutakko campus (Piippukatu 2) and is open during the Turbiinin building’s main door opening hours.

EXAM visit means that you can take your own university’s exam in another university’s exam room. Universities that have joined the EXAM Visit may be found in EXAM-application when booking an exam time. Check always – before an exam time reservation at an external organisation – the university-related rules and regulations in the web-pages of EXAM Consortium: https://e-exam.fi/in-english/.

Notice the following if you intend to take your exam at Jamk Examstudio:

1. You will always register to an exam and reserve an exam time in your own university’s EXAM-application with your university’s user ID and password. Check for any service breaks in your home university’s EXAM system for EXAM visits are not possible during service breaks in your home university’s EXAM service, even if you manage to book an exam time at Jamk Examstudio.

2. There are two exam rooms for EXAM Visit – Jamk Examstudio BP16 and Turbiini K205.  Room BP16 is located at the main campus’ (Rajakatu 35) B-wing’s P-floor (ground floor from A1 and bottom floor from D1). Room Turbiini K205 is located at the Lutakko Campus, at Turbiini building’s 2nd floor.

3. In general, Examstudios are closed on public holidays. Additionally, during vacation times there are exceptions to the normal opening hours. You may always find the available exam times of Jamk Examstudio one month ahead from the current date in EXAM-application.

4. You need no extra permissions from Jamk to enter the Examstudios that are available for EXAM Visit. The lock of the Examstudio door opens 25 minutes past the hour and remains open for the next 15 minutes (xx.25-xx:40). An exam always begins 30 minutes past the hour.

5. Anyone taking an exam in Jamk Examstudio is required to show proof of identity to the member of the Jamk staff supervising the exam when requested to do so.

6. The computers at Jamk Examstudio are designated only for taking exams. Connections to external internet and web services are blocked. The set-ups of the computers are identical:

  • 7-Zip
  • Access
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Calculator
  • Excel
  • Firefox
  • GeoGebra 6 Classic
  • Irfanview
  • Media Player
  • Notepad
  • PowerPoint
  • Sign Out
  • Windows 10 enterprise 64bit
  • Word, spell check is NOT available

The use of USB-memory sticks and discs is blocked.

If you need some other program than the ones listed you cannot take your exam in Jamk Examstudio.

7. In the Turbine K205 Cyrillic – Height adjustable Examstudio is a Cyrillic keyboard with which you can take exams, for example in Russian.

8. Logging in to the Jamk Examstudio computer is done with local user ID and password at first. Then it takes a few seconds for the browser to open automatically. Only after that you may log in to the EXAM with your own university’s user ID and password. Instructions may be found on the computer desk at the studio.

9. You will find scribbling papers, pencils and tissue paper at Jamk Examstudio. Personal belongings, such as bags/backpacks, mobile devices, all kinds of watches, outerwear, medication as well as food and beverages must not be brought to the Examstudio. Examinees may leave their belongings in the lockers provided outside the exam room. The lockers are equipped with electronic code locks. The lockers may only be used by those using the Examstudio for the duration of the exam. The student undertakes to immediately empty the locker upon completion of the exam.

Regular medication that need to be at hand at any time may be brought in the studio but let your teacher know about this beforehand. A calculator (not a mobile phone’s calculator) may be brought to the studio if the examiner has allowed this.

10. Silence prevails in Jamk Examstudio for discussion disturbs other examinees.

11. The exams taken using the EXAM-application are monitored using a recording video surveillance system (audio is also recorded). When you book an exam from the Examstudio, you consent to being monitored by the video surveillance system.

Likewise, you consent that the video recording data and the EXAM-application data may be connected for the purpose of verifying your identity.

12. The student is not allowed to exit and return to the Examstudio at the middle of an exam. If exiting the exam is necessary, for example for health-related reasons, this must be separately agreed upon in advance with the teacher. The exam may be rejected if the student has exited and returned back to the exam without a prior agreement with the teacher.

When the exam has been returned, the student must immediately exit the exam computer and the Examstudio. The exam workstation must be tidied up for the next user, and any scribbling papers used must be left in the locked waste bin in the Examstudio.

You may exit the exam as soon as you are done. However, you must exit the exam during the last five minutes of the exam time.

13. Any single violation of the Jamk EXAM Rules of Usage may lead to rejection of the student’s examination.

14. In case of technical problems (computer does not boot up, screen is not working) you may contact Jamk Helpdesk via phone. The phone number may be found outside the Examstudio.

Any exam taken using the EXAM-application is subject to the JAMK IT systems usage rules.

See Helpdesk:

Privacy statement according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 – of Exam Application

Privacy statement – of Examstudio video surveillance system