Technical Reqs and Recs of Elmo

Here are technical requirements and recommendations of Elmo.



Elmo is based on Microsoft Sharepoint 2013 technology.

User interface and internet browsers

Elmo is completely browser-based solution, so it needs not to install any client-software. An operating system of a device does not matter.

Good browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari are fine. To edit functions we recommend to use IE or Firefox due to supported file types.

Supported file types

Microsoft Office 2013/2010/2007.
Images: jpg, png. Up to 200 kilobytes!
A workspace storage capacity of 250 MB.

Supported languages

English, Finnish


  • The owner of Elmo workspace (usually introduced in the front page of workspace).
  • IT-Helpdesk

Staff Training and Open Materials

Educational Development Services

Owner of Elmo services

JAMK University of Applied Sciences