Elmo workspaces

Elmo workspaces offer an interactive features for work groups, for projects and teams. A member of Elmo workspace can produce and share content as well as participate in the group activities. How? Here are instructions of the most common functions.

Basics of Elmo

Every Elmo workspace has an owner with the admin rights. Owner has designed the workspace’s visual and functionality and is able to edit layout. Members has lower rights, they e.g. can edit files, make statements and events to calendar.


Upload and share documents

At the front page of Elmo workspace find a box, a webpart, “Documents”. To add a file, use drag and drop or click new document:


Edit existing file in Elmo workspace.

Open the file, edit it and save the file in Elmo by clicking “Save” elmo-edit-save-file-buttonDo not change the filename.

Make email-alert from workspace

You can make e-mail alerts to follow any changes in Elmo workspace. This example shows how to activate an email-alert from annoucements:

step 1 – Find Announcements-webpart and click the title:


step 2 – Click List-tab and Alert Me – Set alert on this list:


step 3 – Edit the settings in dialog and click OK:



Start discussion

Find a conversation webpart and click new discussion: