The future of education

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‘Only when all parents, not just rich ones, have a truly free choice in education, when they can take their children out of a school they don’t like and have a choice of many others to send them to, or the possibility of starting their own, or of educating their children outside of school altogether – only then will we teachers begin to stop being what most of us still are, and if we are honest know we are, which is jailers, babysitters, cops without uniforms, and begin to be professionals, freely exercising an important, valued and honoured skill and art.’ John Holt

The ideas associated with the new education system are those of the information-rich society, the catalogue curriculum, the use of word recognition technology, the personal wallet computer, flexi-schooling, cyber-schooling, year-round education…

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Simola, H. 2005. The Finnish miracle of PISA: historical and sociological remarks on teaching and teacher education. (Abstract)