5. Schools as organisations – Task 4

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’Institutions are to be judged by the good or harm they do to individuals.’ Bertrand Russel

a school is an organisation consisting of classrooms (environments) in which pupils (subjects) are brought together for the purpose of learning (object) through the direction of a teacher (agents).’ Whittaker, 1993

TASK 4: To complete this final part of the course you need to choose one of the four different topics mentioned below

  1. Schools as institutions
  2. The status of teachers
  3. Efforts toward equality and equity in education
  4. Films/videos

Check the options first and give reasons for your choice. Then write a report of your chosen topic (4-6 pages) and return it to Optima.

Finally, take part in discussion (in Optima) of the future of education:

5. The future of education – educating for next Millennium