Educational life-story

The life-story is at the same time connected to both the reality or the structural framework of life in which the individual has lived and those narrative or expressional possibilities s/he is able to utilize.  In life-stories, individuals speak of themselves and give meaning to their experiences. The cultural context of life and concrete events during the life-story are made subjectively significant in a life-story. (Antikainen at al.1996).

Ancient family album

Antikainen et al. grouped four educational types from data of life-stories in their research.  They paid attention to the life of an individual under certain historical and social conditions. The central categories are as following:

  1. Education as an ideal, life as a struggle
  2. Education as means, work as substance of life
  3. Education as a commodity, the self as a problem
  4. Education as self-evident, interests and hobbies as the essence of life

Has the meaning of education changed after Antikainen et al published the research outcomes?