Participating in a remote exam

The aim of supervising remote exams is the equal treatment of students

Participating in a remote exam may take place e.g. by:

  1. Completing a quiz independently using the quiz activity in a Moodle course. The teacher can limit the time you can take the test or you can take the quiz at your desired time.
  2. Participating in the exam at a certain time, for example by using the Zoom application. The quiz is conducted in the Breakout room in the video conferencing application where screen, sound and/or video is shared.

Instructions for students

The following principles are followed when conducting remote supervised exams:

  1. The teacher will inform you of the details well before the exam takes place.
  2. Before the exam, make sure that you can log in to the learning environment if one is being used.
  3. Take the exam in a quiet place. Try and position yourself so that you have an empty wall behind you or use a virtual background (Teams: toolbar -> Apply background effects. Zoom: arrow next to the camcorder icon -> Choose virtual background.).
  4. When participating in a remote supervised exam, you agree to the conditions of supervision, such as keeping the camera on. In an exceptional situation, you may, for example, turn off your camera, but stopping the remote supervision may result in your exam being failed.
  5. The exam supervisor does not make a recording of the examination situation or ask students to do so.
  6. The exam supervisor may check the student’s identity for the exam, for example in a separate Breakout room.
  7. The remote supervised exam is carried out using the applications and systems of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.
  8. You are responsible for the functionality of your computer, other devices, and network connections.

Contact the teacher if you are in need of an alternative way to participate in the exam. For technical questions about taking the remote exam, first contact the teacher responsible for the exam.

Instructions on the remote supervised exam for the teacher: ”Remote exam instructions – Instructions for the organizer of an exam”.

Instruction approved by JAMK opintoasioiden lautakunta 27.4.2021