Managing your own files

As a JAMK student, you will receive a licence to use the Microsoft OneDrive for Business online storage service that is part of the O365 environment. OneDrive is a service intended for storing and sharing your files.

Learn more about the OneDrive (Office 365 Training Center)

Log in to the JAMK’s O365 environment:

OneDrive basic use

Installing the OneDrive desktop application

The use of the OneDrive desktop application makes file processing easier on your computer. The saving and using of files takes place in the Windows operating system via Windows Explorer – the same way as the processing of other files.

Instructions for installing the OneDrive desktop application for Windows operating systems (Office 365 Training Center)

OneDrive user interface icons

The OneDrive navigation menu can be found from the left-hand side of the browser window:

Files: personal directory where the files will be saved in the Private format by default, i.e. they will only be shown to you. You can share the desired directories and files by using the Share feature.

Shared: The files that have been shared with you and that you have shared with others can be found here.

Recycle bin: Recycle bin for deleted files.

New folders and documents, etc. are created at the top of the browser window.

New: Click to open a menu where you can create a new folder and open a new Word, Excel or PowerPoint document as an online version, a OneNote notebook, or a Forms (query) form for Excel. You can also add links.

Upload: You can upload folders or files from your computer.

When you activate a file or folder in a OneDrive directory by single-clicking it (a tick appears inside the circle in front of the file or folder concerned), the functionalities in the browser window are updated. You can download, delete, move or copy the item to the desired location.

Using files in Office Online versions

Online version means that the device you use need not have the Office Suite installed in order for you to be able to use the file. The files open in the browser in the online version. Note that the functionalities available in the online versions are more limited than those of the desktop applications. For this reason, not all Word or Excel files, for example, will open in the online version. When you use office programs via the browser, there is no Save button, because the new file is automatically saved in OneDrive. To name your file, click the file name in the top edge of the window (the default name is ‘Document’) or select Save as > Rename.

Sharing large files in the Funet FileSender service

Funet FileSender is a browser-based online service that is intended for sharing large files. Funet FileSender facilitates the sharing of large files of even several gigabytes in size. The service is not intended for the long-time storage of files, so the files will be automatically deleted after the expiry of the deadline.

Go to the FileSender service