Online learning environments

This page contains a summary of various online learning environments. Here you will find a brief description and links to the system concerned and its instructions.

The Elmo student intranet provides you with information about topics such as wellbeing, job opportunities, tutoring, thesis, data protection, campuses and graduation.

Elmo intranet (JAMK username is required)

The Elmo desktop displays details about the progress of your studies and the grades you have earned, among other things, as well as news in the student intranet.

Elmo can be accessed with your JAMK username at

Exam means an electronic exam that you can take in Examstudio, a room equipped for taking an electronic exam, at the time that is the most convenient to you within the exam period defined for the course concerned. Be sure to first read the Rules of Usage and instructions carefully, and only then book a time for taking the exam.

Instruction for taking an Exam

JAMK uses Microsoft Office 365 service. Log in with your JAMK email address and password at

The Office 365 service contains tools that expedite, facilitate and streamline your learning. From the O365 environment, you will find applications such as:

  • PowerPoint, Excel and Word online applications
  • OneDrive for saving and sharing files
  • Teams for joint and collaborative learning
  • Outlook email and calendar
  • OneNote electronic notebook
  • Sway as an alternative for PowerPoint.

The different applications included in the Office 365 service, such as Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote and Yammer, have their own mobile apps available in the app store for all the most popular mobile platforms.

When using O365 by the browser, office programs such as Word and Excel are so-called online versions, with which all the features of the program are not available. The Office Suite is available for your own computer for the duration of your studies.

Instructions for installing Office applications on your computer

Further information and instructions:

Office quick start guides (Microsoft support site)

Office tips & tricks (Microsoft support site)

Online learning platforms, Optima and Moodle

Optima has been JAMK’s primary online learning platform for a long time. In the autumn of 2020, we will introduces our new online learning platform Moodle. It will little by little to replace Optima. We hope that the transition will go as well as possible.

In the online learning platform, you can find the course materials, schedules, online assignments, discussion areas, etc. Teacher use an online learning platform for communication about courses that is forwarded to your email — do not prevent Optima or Moodle from sending information to your email!

Optima for mobile use: If you use Optima on your phone or tablet, we recommend using it as a full version instead of the mobile version. You will find the full version from the top right of the mobile app.

Moodle for mobile use: Use Moodle through your browser and save the link to your home screen. The Moodle we use does not support the Moodle App found in app stores.

Detailed instructions for signing into Optima

Log into Optima (JAMK username is required)

Instructions on Moodle

Peppi is a student administration system of enrolling as an attending student, making a personal study plan, enrolling in courses, monitoring the progress of your studies with evaluations, and examining your studies timetable. Peppi has been introduced in May 2020.

Check out detailed instructions of Peppi Students’ Desktop

Log into Peppi (JAMK username is required)

The Study Guide provides you with information about the courses offering, among other things.

Study Guide for Bachelor’s degree students
Study Guide for Master’s degree students
Study guides for Teacher Education College students

Tuudo is a mobile application from which you will find courses, course schedules, maps, restaurants and other services related to your studies. Download the application to your mobile phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If your mobile phone does not support the application, you can find the same topics from the Elmo desktop and student intranet. Log in to Tuudo and Elmo with your JAMK username.

Elmo desktop (JAMK username is required)

Elmo intranet (JAMK username is required)

Zoom is an online conferencing system that provides versatile opportunities for working online simultaneously. Zoom is well-suited as a platform for webinars and online meetings. You can engage in discussions, share your desktop view and files or draw a shared work on a whiteboard. At JAMK, Zoom is used as an online classroom and working space where the interaction between participants plays a major role. As a student, you may use Zoom for the joint working of your study group.

Read ZOOM instructions

Zoom Video Tutorials (to the Zoom Support site)

Open ZOOM in your browser