DigiCentre offers versatile and customizable facilities and modern tools with support services in the immediate vicinity of the premises.

It is possible to produce high-quality digital learning material at the DigiCentre, including video recordings and interactive streaming broadcasts for both personal and product images. Teachers can practice, independently, or in a small group scriptwriting, filming, and editing. Jamk Staff can use the facilities and support services is free of charge. You can also work in the evenings and weekends in the rooms reserved through Outlook. Students can use the popup photography studio in the hallway independently. It is also possible to utilize studio facilities with working-life partners.

The DigiCentre is built around the following rooms:

1)     Studio (Green Room) is a professional video studio. It is possible to shoot with multiple cameras and multiple subjects. The studio has good acoustics, good and customizable studio lighting, and high-quality video equipment. The color of the space is green, but there are also blue, white and black backgrounds. At the back of the room there is an observatory for recording and guiding the studio operations. The Studio is used by the Centre’s own staff, while others can use it with the Centre staff in accordance with the reservation policies.

2)     In Tuberoom 1 (Black Room) the interior is black. There is a lightboard in the space that allows you to video working on the chalkboard. Equipment includes storage media, camera, microphone, computer and shooting lights.

3)      In Tuberoom 2 (White Room) the interior is white. White Room is a for small groups with readiness for interviews and group performances. The room includes storage media, camera, microphone, computer and shooting lights as well as digital flip board (Samsung Flip).

In both Tuberooms it is possible to live streaming or make webcasts.

4) Webinar 1 & 2: These rooms can accommodate 1-2 people at the same time. The rooms are equipped with a computer, speakers, microphone, webcam, video lights, two displays and a blue background. Here you can participate in webinars or make video blogs.

5) Pop-up PhotoStops are places in DigiCentre’s rear floor, where users can take portraits and photograph objects. These stops are also available for students. Bring your own camera with you. JAMK staff can also book time for their official staff’ portraits (from Mari’s outlook calendar).

6) The Editing room has powerful computers and software that teachers can use independently.

Self-service facilities (webinars, tuberooms) are reserved via Outlook Calendar. You can come to the pop-up studios and editing facilities at your own time. Later on they will have their own booking system. In the studio we serve our clients. Its reservations follow the normal ordering process using the form on the Elmo desktop.

The following digital team serves you in the Centre (responsibilities in parentheses):

  • Jari Järvinen (tuberooms, editing)
  • Mari Varonen (pop-ups, tuberooms)
  • Jani Pyykkönen (studio, editing)

Attempts will be made to recruit trainees in the field to the extent possible. Also, we have free seats and good company are reserved for visiting stars…