Using the Blog Service

After ordering a blog, you will receive an email with the URL to your blog.

  1. Click the URL to get to your blog or go to
  2. Log in using your JAMK username and password.
  3. You will get to the Dashboard of your blog.  On Dashboard, you can administer the blog, change settings, add, edit and remove content.

Dashboard contains information about the most recent activities related to your blog and the QuickPress form for publishing content.
Posts: The basic content of a blog. Individual posts appear in publishing order. Posts are often textual content but they can also include media, e.g. images.
Media:  You can upload different documents, such as images, to your media library. Those documents can then be used as blog content. On the other hand, if you upload e.g. a photo to you blog post, the photo will be saved automatically to your media library.
Links:  Links to different web sites. You can show them as link lists on your blog.
Pages:  You can add new pages to your blog. Pages are more static than posts. However, it is recommended to add at least an info page to your blog. On the info page you can introduce the authors and the basic idea of the blog.
Comments: The readers can comment your blog by using nicknames. Comments can be approved or unapproved. As a default, all comments need to be approved before they appear on your blog.
Appearance: You can customize the appearance of your blog by choosing one of the JAMK themes. Additionally, you can add widgets to your blog. You can also change the header image of your blog and choose a color scheme.
Users: In Users section you can add authors and define roles for users. If your blog has several authors, defining roles is essential. Additionally, you can make some changes to your own profile.
Settings: Here you can define blog settings.

When you make changes or publish new content on your blog, you can preview the changes by clicking Visit Site link from the upper left-hand corner in the Dashboard. To get back to the Dashboard, click Log In.

Please note:  By ordering a blog, you have  agreed to comply with the terms of use.

If you have any questions or you need help with your blog, do not hesitate to contact Nina Viertorinne (!