Visit by a specialist – lecture

Specialist lecture

Pedagogical starting point

  • Sharing the specialist’s competence
  • Giving food for thought

Working order

  1. Create the environment (layout) and open the document templates.
  2. Provide an address for downloading materials. If necessary, you can shorten the URL using, for example, the service.
  3. Create a shared writing template for comments/questions on the document interfaces.
  4. Return to any questions and address them under the guidance of the specialist.
  5. A summary discussion and the distribution of any supplemented documents among the group.

More information about lectures as a teaching method is available (in Finnish) at, for example, Oppimisen avaimet luento-opetuksessa


  • Layout: lecture
  • Interactive whiteboard: lecturer’s presentation, control by touching (comments can be entered)
  • Distribute the lecture material to participants before the lecture.
  • Etherpad for shared questions, or, for example, Tricider.
  • Address any questions under the guidance of the specialist.
  • Share any supplemented documents to participants via the learning platform, by e-mail or by some other means.


Material on this page was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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