Small group work – closed groups

Pedagogical starting point

  • A closed group for close group work, such as preparatory work on a limited subject
  • Separating the groups by curtains facilitates concentration (no eye contact with the other groups)

Working order

  1. Create the environment (layout) and provide instructions for group work.
  2. Divide into small groups and start the work.
  3. Present the group’s output, findings and conclusions to everyone.
  4. A summary discussion.

Teaching methods for group work

  • Concept maps and a summary discussion
  • Character drawing
  • Brainstorming
  • SWOT or decentralised SWOT for the different groups with a common summary


  • Layout: closed groups
  • Interactive whiteboard: instructions for the group task
  • iPads and laptops for finding information and working
  • Concept map software – iPad: Simple Mind, cloud service:
  • Collaborative drawing: PowerPoint, Draw it live
  • Brainstorming: Linoit, Power Point
  • The documents are shared to participants via the learning platform, by e-mail or by some other means.


Material on this page was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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