Creating ideas together – asking a specialist

Problem-solving, new innovation

Pedagogical starting point

  • Adopting various specialist roles and asking a specialist
  • New perspectives on the issue at hand through shared thinking
  • Enables safe participation in a specific role

Working order

  1. Define the problem or challenge together.
  2. Think up specialists, such as Sauli Niinistö, Teemu Selänne, a carpenter or an engineer.
  3. Create the environment (layout) and open the document templates.
  4. Take turns asking various specialists to be heard in alternating order. To make it easier to assume the role, you may ask the specialist questions: Who are you? Where do you come from? What kinds of competence will be needed in the working life in the future? The specialist answers the questions in the agreed role.
  5. The discussion is documented by clerks (1–2 persons).
  6. Conclude the discussion in a summary.
  7. Save the documents created as notes.


  • Layout: horseshoe
  • Interactive whiteboard for writing down the characters’ roles
  • Shared Google document or Etherpad for collaborative writing
  • Documentation in a single document – for example, continuing the list of roles – and by printing the document into a PDF file.
  • The documents are shared to participants via the learning platform, by e-mail or by some other means.


Material on this page was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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