Collaborative method – fishbowl

Pedagogical starting point

  • Giving food for thought
  • Critical thinking

Working order

  1. Create the environment (layout) and open the document templates.
  2. Select the members of the inner group, representing various opinions. The other participants belong to the outer group, which listens.
  3. The discussion task is assigned to the small group. The outer group follows the discussion.
  4. Change between the outer and inner groups every 10–15 minutes. The teacher must also remember to give instructions to the members of the outer group.
  5. Create a shared writing template for comments/questions on the document interfaces.
  6. A summary discussion and the distribution of any supplemented documents among the group.



  • Layout: fishbowl
  • Interactive whiteboard: clock, instructions
  • Etherpad for shared questions or, for example, Tricider.
  • Share any supplemented documents to participants via the learning platform, by e-mail or by some other means.


Material on this page was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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