Pedagogical layouts

In recent years, technology has been considered a key factor in high-quality learning environments and teaching that results in better learning outcomes.  Research on learning environments making use of technology has shown that technology may create a framework for both developing individual thinking and building a shared understanding between various parties.

Instead of models highlighting individual learning, increasing emphasis is put on the significance of social interaction and inclusive activities for the planning of learning environments.

We have prepared layout descriptions to support our journey towards blended learning in a technology environment. With their pedagogical ideas, the layout descriptions support the teacher in both planning and carrying out the teaching.

Creating ideas together
– asking a specialist

Collaborative working method
– debate

Small group work
– closed groups

Visit by a specialist
– lecture


Collaborative method
– fishbowl



Material on this page was produced in 4GEE project funded by Central Finland’s ELY Centre (2010-2013).

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