Assignments for Perioperative practice

Assignments for perioperative practice


1. Blogging. Every student has a blog to which they write every week about their aims, objectives, experiences and thoughts. The student also informs the mentor about the blog and encourages him/her to write and comment there as well. The student also returns all the written assignments to the blog.


2. Full Scale Simulation. pe 22.3. tietotaito-paja, hospital. Pre reading material:

After the simulation day write your reflections to your blog. Point out two experiences: a positive and a negative one. Then describe in more detail what made the situation especially positive or negative. Then choose to references and use them to reflect further the topic in a broader perspective. Mark the references accordingly.

3. Daily leadership in operating unit. Ask from the assisting ward sister (listanvetäjä) when you could be with her and see how the ward is managed. Interview and ask, reflect to your own ideas. Find at least two references and reflect the issues you found new or interesting. Mark the references and write your assignment to your blog.


4. Learn how the supplies are being sterilized. Follow and participate to the sterile supplies personnel´s work at least for a half day. Write about your experiences to your blog.


5. Learn how to fill in the manual anesthesia form. Fill in at least once and compare to the electronic one. Write your reflections to the blog.


6. Whilst being in anesthesia nursing practice learn what anesthesia outside operating ward means. Go with your mentor to x-ray, pain management etc. to see what is done there. Write your reflections to blog.


7. Patient safety. Read and customize yourself with the patient safety links below.

European comission>patient safety

Observe the ward and nursing according to the patient safety issues. What is safe nursing like in your practical placement? What good there is already and what things could be improved in your placement if you compare it to the patient safety knowledge. What could be learnt still? Write your reflections to the blog.


8. Group councelling intervention: Skill labs for SNP11, professional practice IV. Separate instructions from NIF theory.