Assignments for Critical Care Practice

Assignments for Critical Care Practice

1. Blogging. Write to your blog about your aims, objectives, learning experiences and ideas weekly. Share your blog address with your mentor.

2. Make one drug calculation with instructions. Select a typical calculation from your unit and present the answer to the calculation.

3. Examine the nursing in your unit. Point out some issue concerning patient safety. The issue can be some incident endangering the safety or something that might have caused safety incident. How did the human factor influence the incident? Describe the incident in detail. Reflect how it was or how it could have been prevented. It is not necessary to be serious, but something recognizable; maybe minor that happens in nursing every day. Familiarize yourself the with WHO guidelines on patient safety:

Discuss about your incident and the guidelines in your blog.

3. Health promotion group intervention: First aid day with Sinikka Holma. Separate guidelines in Nursing in international fields 5ects course.

4. Daily leadership in your unit. Ask from the (assisting) ward sister when you could be with her and see how the ward is managed. Interview and ask, reflect to your own ideas. Find at least two references and reflect the issue/s you found new or interesting. Mark the references and write your assignment to your blog.

5. Whilst being in critical care nursing practice learn what the nurse circulation between ICU, A&E and anesthesia (kiertohoitaja) does. If possible, be with him/her for one day. Write your reflections to your blog.

6. Learn how to fill in the manual intensive care form. Fill in at least once and compare to the electronic one. Write your reflections to the blog.