Medical assignment

Nursing in international fields, professional practice Spring 2013


The aim and purpose:

The aim of this assignment is to learn a model that helps to study medical issues concerning nursing. The model gives student a systematic tool while learning medical illnesses and treatments. This helps to understand the decisions made in patient care and gives views in the important things that have to be taken into consideration. The model also gives sources to find accurate and reliable information about medical illnesses.

The meaning is that each student chooses a patient and learns the model using own patient as an example. First the student describes the patient and the illnesses that the patient has. Then student starts to use the model to find out more of the patient from the medical point of view. So this is a medical assignment, you need not consider nursing point of view at all.

Model for learning medical care

  1. Choose a surgical patient that you wish to study with this model (long term or short term disease), describe your patient (ICD, ICF)


  1. Go through the main information about the body part / organ at issue (anatomy and physiology)


  1. Get acquainted with the epidemiology, reasons, risk factors, prevention, diagnostics and care using varied sources
  1. Get acquainted with the care path of the illness and EBM guidelines’ of it
  1. Make the following documents of you patient using varied sources (mark the references!)

ü  anamnesis

ü  status

ü  examinations done to the patients (prior to surgery)

ü  procedures (anesthesiology and surgery)

ü  and finally epicrisis (discharge)


 Add a short discussion to the end of this assignment. In the discussion reflect your learning experiences while doing this assignment 

Use at least these sources:

Return your assignment to or until end of the May 2013.