Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning

At the Teacher Education College you have the possibility to transfer credits from your prior learning. Transferring credits or recognition of prior learning of competences gained elsewhere and  relevant work experience can be accepted as a part of your teacher education studies.

Figure 2: Credit Transfer at Teacher Education College

Substitution means that you can transfer the credits from equivalent studies in the same field. The following courses can be credited using substitution:

The method for applying for substitution is included in the description of the relevant course.

Inclusion means that studies completed in other educational institutions can be recognised as part of teacher education studies. A suitable alternative to the optional study module offered as part of the teacher education programme can be included in your studies providing that the alternative meets the criteria for the module and supports your personal learning goals. The Teacher Education College will decide on the validity of all applications for inclusion.

Recognition of prior learning and competences is based on the competence goals set by the Teacher Education College’s curriculum which you may have acquired anywhere, anytime and by diverse means. Recognition of prior learning requires you to evaluate, describe and produce evidence of gained competences in accordance with the instructions for application.

The following courses in the teacher education programme can be credited by recognition of competences:

The method for applying for recognition is included in the description of the relevant course. The forms for applying for inclusion, recognition or credit transfer and further instructions can be found at