Study Modes and Assessment

The learning environment of vocational teacher education is composed of, in addition to the Teacher Education College, mainly vocational higher and secondary education, surrounding working life, peer groups and the online environment. The basic working methods of teacher education are seminars, learning circles and online working.

Seminars are for group tuition and are conducted by a teacher trainer. During these periods work towards learning assignments is supported. Also experiences and outcomes of assignments are shared between students. The seminars are organised in Jyväskylä according to a published time schedule.

Learning circles are small groups which come together and maintain contact between the seminars. The group members will agree upon the learning circle’s meeting time and place. A central task of learning circles is to work cooperatively on assignments. In addition to the Optima learning environment other online collaboration tools can used to support learning circle working.

Online learning and guidance is mainly carried out through the Teacher Education College’s Optima learning environment as well as Adobe Connect web conferencing system. This means that you have to have sufficient access to the necessary information and communication technology equipment (running either at least Windows XP or Mac OS X, broadband internet connection, a headset). Get familiar with studying online.

A student can study either on a full- or part-time basis. A full-time student is eligible for financial aid. Full-time studying requires a student to create his/her own learning plan in such a way that studies will be completed within a year. To be eligible for financial aid related to full-time study, a student’s PLP needs to be accepted by the Financial Aid Committee of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.