Facilitating Learning

In the Teaching and Facilitating Learning study module you will concentrate on your teaching skills and facilitating students through the learning process by planning and implementing a series of teaching. Issues such as professional development, learning, facilitating learning, assessment and diverse learners are the main focus points of this module.

This module combines other themes introduced in various other courses within this programme into teaching practise. For those of you who are already working as teachers, your teaching practise will take place in your own educational establishment. For others, who are not working as teachers at the moment, your teaching practise can take place in different kinds of educational establishments.

Those of you who are studying full-time should aim to complete this module during autumn 2013 and spring 2014. If you are studying part-time, you have the opportunity to complete your teaching practise in the autumn term of 2014 also.

In addition to supporting and assessing facilitating learning skills, the courses within this module supports and assesses continuous learning competences, interaction and co-operation skills and competences to develop educational environments.

The Facilitating Learning study module is composed of: