General Information

This is the study guide for vocational teacher education that introduces the main elements of the programme.  The purpose of the guide is to help you to plan your studies and achieve the aims set for vocational teacher education.

In compliance with the statute  governing vocational teacher education (357/2003), the aim of this training is to provide you with: 1)  knowledge and skills to facilitate the learning of all students; 2)  the ability to develop teaching practises taking into consideration of the developmental aspects of different professions and working life in general. Each of the five vocational teacher education colleges in Finland has interpreted these aims differently, creating their own curriculum. This study guide introduces our interpretation.

Within the European Union the general framework for teachers’ competences is being drafted to provide commonality across the community.  Accordingly, teachers should have the capability to: 1) effectively use knowledge gained from various information sources and utilise technology; 2)  co-operate with other parties – students, colleagues and other partners; 3) function at local, regional, national, European and global levels.The competence areas set for teacher education, which are the basis for our curriculum, support this European framework.

This guide describes the modules and study units that comprise vocational teacher education.  All study units have learning aims, content, assessment materials and criteria.  Also included in this guide is the international group’s study schedule 2013-2014.