Continuous Learning

The requirement of continuous learning is connected with other competence areas. The concept of reflection is what joins these areas of competences together. To act as a teacher is to share individual expertise jointly with a community. Defined in this manner, the professional competence of a teacher contains the element of a professional acting in a reflective manner: a teacher is a researcher and developer of his or her own work, who, in cooperation with others, is constantly building his or her own competence and the competence of the community.

The capacity for reflection or critical self-assessment is part of the competence of a teacher. Personal reflection and the ability to make independent choices and decisions are essential in the midst of constant pressures for change. Critical self-reflection is not only essential at the individual level, but also at the organisational level. In this way, communication becomes an essential tool, which enables a common understanding to be formed among the work community.

In order to be capable of personal renewal and to also be able to generate renewal in his or her environment, a teacher will need:

  • reflection skills, which means the capacity of the teacher to realistically and critically evaluate their own work and their work community’s principles and goals in relation to changes in the educational environment. They will also have the skills to set new goals to further develop themselves and their work community, and
  • knowledge management skills, which means the skills of a teacher to seek and critically select information and, in cooperation with other actors, construct practical and theoretical knowledge that serves the development of both their own competence and the competence of the community, as well as the motivation and ability to use this knowledge to promote learning.