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Multidiciplinary Education in the Health and Social Sphere between Nordic and Russian HEIs

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3. Multidiciplinary, evidence based practices of social integration of school aged minority and migrant children

Third intensive course of the project was held in St. Petersburg 16.3.2015-20.3.2015.

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Materials from the intensive course:


2. Minority and migrant children’s transition from kindergarten to school – challenge for multiprofessional cooperation?

Download: Nordrus Presentation slides



Minorities and Migrant Children in Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous District – Yugra

Presentation from Irina Istomina.

Fictional Representations of Migrants and Minorities in School Curricula

Presentation from Jacob Buris Andersen.

The Danish Minority in Germany

Presentation from Camilla Hansen

Minorities and Migrant Children in Finland

Presenter: M.Ed.Sc (Special needs education) Sanna Häkkinen is Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation and Social Studies at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

Video-presentation is an overview on minorities and migrant children in Finland. It illustrates “the big picture” of Finnish Traditional ie. National minorities but also language, ethnical, cultural and other minorities in Finnish society and their rights for services. Closer look is taken at early childhood education and day care, educational system and leisure services. In the end there is presented some challenges recognized in the Finnish systems of participation and hearing the migrants’ own opinions.



Recorded presentation from Sanna Häkkinen.


1. Minority and Migrant Children in Nordic Countries and Russia

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The first intensive program of the project was heald in Saint Petersburg in November 2013. The video below will show an overview of the intensive week.