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information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

JIO ry.

Jyväskylä Engineering Students JIO ry is an association for who else than engineering students! JIO operates as a local association in Jyväskylä for the national Finnish Union of Engineering Students IOL ry. JIO supervises the student trusteeship of the engineering students and creates quality teaching possible through taking part in education policy.

Our most visible acts are arranging events such as parties, trainings and providing transportation to national events. One of the most awesome events is annual ASTin cruise which will be done in September and new students have privilege to the cruise.

What benefits do you get from the membership? Members get discount from the overalls which are ordered every autumn, cheaper event tickets and union benefits such as insurances and legal protection. Membership costs only 30€ for maximum of 5 years or until studies end. For 30 € you get all the benefits, membership card and magazine. You can find more benefits and information from the channels below.jarkko_tieto

On our behalf welcome to study and remember to have fun while studying!
Jyväskylä’s Engineering Students JIO ry