JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Discrimination and Harassment Situations

Harassment means unwelcome physical or verbal actions based on e.g. age, sex, sexual orientation, nationality or cultural backround, physical features like skin colour, language, opinion or disability. Harassment can be, for example, discrimination, unequal treatment, when it comes to evaluation, singling out, threatening, or any verbal or physical behaviour which the object considers abusive.  Harassment and molestation can also be, for example, inappropriate propositions, indecent talk or jokes, email or social media messages or posts which are indiscreet, comments about appearance or any other sexual proposals and demands. None of these should be tolerated! Finland has a law against discrimination and it obligates institutes of higher education to inhibit such actions. Non-discrimination Act translated in English. JAMK UAS and Student Union JAMKO have also drawn up a programme to progress equality in JAMK UAS.

The harassment contact person of Student Union JAMKO supports you when you feel like having been bullied or harassed by a fellow student or the staff. If you are subjected to harassment, contact the student union. JAMKO has nominated a harassment contact person, whom students can contact in possible cases of harassment. All further actions will be decided in co-operation with the student. The Harassment contact person is not a judge, who settles the issue, but acts as a mediator and offer guidance how to solve the matter. The harassment contact person acts with strict confidentiality.

You can reach the harassment contact person by email, hairinta@jamko.fi.

More on the subject on the website of The Non-Discrimination Ombudsman which is an independent and autonomous authority that advances equality.