JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Guidance and support during studies

Tutor teachers

The tutor teacher is a teacher who is the immediate counsellor of your student group in matters connected to course selection, scheduling your studies, career planning and employment. Sometimes referred as career tutors, the teachers can also help you with various study-related challenges or troubles with the student group or other students. Every year you will review together your study plans and the plans for your career. The tutor teacher is there for you whenever your feel that you need advice or guidance. The tutor teachers are signed to every group at the beginning of the studies, you can find the contact information in the staff search of Student intra Elmo. (user id needed)

Study guidance

The main aim of JAMK’s study guidance is to ensure a smooth progress of studies, to develop expertise, and to support professional growth.

Students have the right to get help from study counselors in matters relating to motivation, time management, well-being and other challenging topics during their studies. In addition the counselors support students with their own study objectives. They can also follow students’ progress in situations where a student might have learning difficulties, mental health or drug abuse issues, or in cases where a student simply needs more individualized support and guidance for his/her studies. If necessary, a student can be supported in cooperation with tutor teacher, study psychologist and support network outside the school.


e-mails: firstname.lastname@jamk.fi

School of Technology
Technology, communication and transport, Natural resources: Ms. Erja Hiitelä, tel. +358 40 759 7167
ICT: Ms. Tarja Lappalainen-Kajan, tel. +358 40 861 8204

School of Health and Social Studies (also Culture)
Mr. Vesa Kuhanen, tel. +358 40 526 3604
Ms. Raija Lundahl, tel. +358 40 833 7316

School of Business and Services Management
Natural sciences, Business and administration, Tourism and service management
Ms. Heli-Riikka Immonen, tel. +358 40 585 3272

Business Administration, International Business
Ms. Tiina Siitonen,
tel. +358505766102

Teacher Education College
Ms. Katariina Jouhiaho,
tel. +358 40 752 5358

Further information on study guidance in the various units can be found in in the study guide and Student Elmo (user id required).

Courses and groups

JAMK offers also various courses and groups providing study support and techniques to advance your studies.  More information here. writer-s-block-1239338

Student tutors 

Tutors guide and advice students at the beginning of their studies, as well as at later stages. Tutors as older students can help on various issues, based on their experience, knowledge and skills. Mentors will help you if you need peer support in later stage of your studies.

Study psychologist

The study psychologist guides and supports all the students of JAMK UAS on learning, motivation and coping issues. Students can contact the psychologist because of e.g. anxiety or depression caused by private life, family or relationship problems. The confidential discussions complement the counseling provided by study counsellors and tutor teachers. The study psychologist refers students to other health care services, when necessary. The service is free of charge.
The office is located at the Music Campus (Pitkäkatu 18-22), in the room 121. Check the appointment details from student intra Elmo. The study psychologist is best reached by e-mail or phone.

Contact: Ms Heini-Maria Pietilä, opintopsykologi(at)jamk.fi or +358 40 521 9415.

School Pastor

Institute priest
Institute priest supports students during studies regardless of one’s religion. You can discuss anything that is on your mind: grief, loneliness, coping, complicated relationships or your philosophy of life. The institute priest is the priest of the Evangelical Lutheran parish in Jyväskylä, but the student’s religion is irrelevant for contacting the institute priest. Discussions are confidential. The office on the Main campus (Rajakatu 35, DP47). Check the appointment details from student intra Elmo. (credentials needed)

Contact: Ms Johanna Tikkanen, johanna.tikkanen(at)jamk.fi, +358 50 521 5418.

There is also various support systems in JAMK UAS. Don’t be afraid to utilize them.

Remember to take care of yourself!

Successful studying is not all about cramming and there should be always some time to rest, relax and get a breath of fresh air. See what else Jyväskylä and the student life has to offer Leisure and sports