JAMKO's New Student's Guide

information for new students starting in JAMK UAS

Equality and barrier free learning



Every student has a right to study in equal study environment. Nobody should be discriminated by their language, nationality, sexuality, disability or study difficulties. The law of equality obligates education organizers to improve disabled person possibilities to study. University of applied sciences has to to take account of different special needs and take care of free entrance to classes, library etc. Teachers should support and notice students equal, students should have equal opportunities to get guidance and any disadvantages should be intervened. Also actions towards prevention of sexual harassment should be noticed.  JAMKO provides you support in harassment situations.

More information about equality and how it is implemented in JAMK UAS:  contact: sopo@jamko.fi

Barrier free learning

Barrier-free access refers to the provision of a physical, mental and social environment which provides all students with equal opportunities for participation, irrespective of their personal qualities. Barrier-free/inclusive education aims at equality and the accessibility of services from selection process to studying and in support services and guidance. The learning environment should enable goal-oriented progress of studies, considering individual needs for support due to learning difficulties, disability or cultural and linguistic background.

JAMK UAS has possibilities to ensure the quality of education and equal studying in spite of the possible disabilities, learning difficulties or cultural backround the students may have.

Accessibility in Exchange programmes

JAMK UAS and the Center for International Mobility and Cooperation, CIMO supports equal participation in mobility programmes. Students who have e.g. special needs like disabilities, learning difficulties or illnesses and require additional funding to be able to take part in the mobility programmes can apply an accessibility grant. As the need and nature of support varies from one person to another, each case will be reviewed individually. Participants of Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus and North-South-South programmes are eligible for the accessibility grant. The arrangements concerning the accessibility grant should be started as soon as possible. Read more.