Developmental and educational psychology

kuvitusI warmly welcome you to learn about developmental and educational psychology. This study module includes a lot of fascinating themes. In this entirely web-based study module we will focus on some themes that are relevant from a teacher’s point of view and some areas remain to be conquered later. I hope this study module will motivate you to find out more about these interesting themes like:

  • Psychological development and learning
  • Individual differences in teaching and learning process
  • Lifespan theories

In this study module you will have the chance to read, analyze, observe and interview. You may select yourself the articles/books you want to use in this study module, but there are also some tips, if you don’t know where to start.

The study entity is a web-based course and will take place entirely in OPTIMA. The study entity includes three parts. You will start from Part One and continue until the Part Three. You need to do all three assignments  to finish this study entity and get the grade.

The discussion tool is open for you the whole time, you can use it whenever needed or wanted. Please take part to discussion: make questions, wonder, criticise and tell your feelings and ideas about this courses topics to the others. If you need any help working in OPTIMA environment, please take a look at the file OPTIMA instructions. You may also contact me by email ( anytime you need help.

I am happy to share this journey with you. So let’s start!